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Paul Gerrard

voice workshops and yoga classes

for yoga teachers, actors, presenters, and for improvement in public speaking and performance

For workshops and private classes
(in voice, or yoga, or a combination)
please book directly
Calling from the UK: 07799 795 795
Calling from Australia: 0468 675 037

Paul has taught Bikram Yoga for fifteen years, and has worked as an actor and presenter for twenty-five years. Over the past decade, he has trained yoga teachers (and private clients) to access their vocal power, improving their performance and connection with students/audience/camera. His voice work has developed from experiencing the benefits of bringing his acting training to yoga teaching through an integrated approach. Blending movement with vocal exercises, Paul’s workshops help clients to free their voices, developing power, pitch, clarity and confidence.

The voice is a yoga teacher’s primary point of connection. How we connect is often more important than what we say because the vocal tone provokes a response in each of our student’s nervous systems. Consequently, are we teaching yoga or stress? When we teach do we breathe, pause, and inflect in ways that help our students to gain therapy from their yoga?

Nearly all of us, when we were born, had clear, strong voices. We cried and laughed freely as babies. And then life started! Judgements were made about us (they still are) and, sometimes, we lose our power along the way. Our strength becomes buried. And the buried includes our voice because our voice is an extension of our life. It’s not an entity outside us, it’s within us. Paul’s job is to help you to access your power and clarity when you speak so that you can connect with your students (or audience), giving them your true self and the strength of your love.

Paul Gerrard is a rare talent and has continuously demonstrated a profound ability to help his students realize lasting transformation. He is kind, brilliant, compassionate, learned, and wise. His work to help teachers discover their authentic voice is unparalleled, and I offer my highest recommendation of him as a yoga teacher, voice coach and human being.

Craig Villani, Director, Raja Yoga Academy. Previously Director of Teaching, Bikram Yoga

Whether you are a yoga teacher or work in a profession where clear/direct verbal instructions are essential, Paul's skills as a voice coach are remarkable. He guides his students to optimise their vocal capacity and achieve genuine connections.

Michael and Susan Houghton, studio owners, Bikram Yoga Fitzroy, Melbourne

You helped our teacher trainees access more flow and connectivity in their delivery. There was a noticeable difference, a marked improvement, after your visit.

Bridgett Ane Goddard, studio owner, Yoga in the Lanes, Brighton

Fantastic workshop! I recommend it to every yoga teacher who cares about genuine connection.

Gerry Lopez, studio owner, Sadhana Yoga and Wellbeing, Clapham and Dalston, London

Paul has an incredible talent for helping yoga teachers access energy and confidence.

Brad Goodchild, studio owner, Bikram Yoga Five Dock, Sydney

Paul presented our teachers with practical techniques to help improve their command, voice and presence. His workshop was unique, unlike any other I have attended. It delivered tangible applications, helping to facilitate a deeper connection between yoga teachers and their students.

Donna Antonelli, studio owner, Bikram Yoga Huntington Beach, California

Paul was really great at connecting with our teaching team on a completely different level. He gave us a fresh perspective. We highly recommend his workshop, it brought the best out of everyone and gave them very valuable tools to work with.

Katie Worthington and Marty Williamson, studio owners, Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst, Sydney

Paul has led four workshops at our yoga studio. As a result, our teachers have become better teachers and communicators—teaching with greater confidence and clarity.

Michael and Susan Houghton, studio owners, Bikram Yoga Fitzroy, Melbourne

Paul’s coaching was effective, engaging and relevant to our yoga teaching team. He brings out the best in everyone.

Suzyanah Hashemi and Jamie Prangley, studio owners, Bikram Yoga Glen Waverley, Melbourne